The peOple

the peOple are a band of adventurous souls who have been drawn together by one Muse to form a higher and ever-expanding expression of the music within them, leaping faithfully into their chosen destiny.  their current base camp is in Clinton, Iowa- a few hundred feet from the mississippi river in a revived 19th century building.  their life is their music and their music is as deep, dark, mysterious and fertile as the ancient valley beneath their feet.  the peOple's music has been described by fans and fellow musicians as "rough and raw Americana", "western gypsy folk-rock," "country-soul, " "ethereal translation," and many other strange combinations of words. (it could more generally be called a fusion of genres textured by the vast musical and personal history of all characters involved and inspired by The Muse).


the peOple consist of Brooke Byam (lead vocals, Rhodes piano, bass), Bo Coleman (lead electric guitars, mandolin, banjo), and Marques Morel (drums, rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals) and are occasionally joined by a side-man on saxophone.  the peOple typically rotate their instruments and roles throughout a show, creating different sonic atmospheres and cinematic storylines from song to song.  their limited-edition, self-titled debut EP, was recorded in three days in July of 2018, and released just hours before the band embarked on their first national tour.  currently, the band is in the studio working on their first official full length album.  their new single, "Undeniable," was just released in October of 2018 and has quickly aroused intrigue as an out-of-the-box love ballad infused with elements of R&B, jazz, and retro rock.




  " The peOple is an independent music group started by Marques Morel ( Excellence in Music Award “Kentucky Fellowship of Musicians”)  and Brooke Byam (#1 Independent Country Song “Thank You For Leavin’”). An elegantly-rough husband/wife duo, that joined forces with... Bo Coleman. They bring you along for the “Ride!”, The peOple are connecting with everyone that is searching for that rugged and authentic, ghostly-spiritual, cowboy-rock-n-roll! "                      
                                                                                                                                                   -BAM! Entertainment

              " Based out of the midwest, The peOple sport original songs and old-time favorites that push beyond the bounds of Americana. "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Mitter & Critter

" The People deliver original music and fresh interpretations of old favorites.  Their sound lies somewhere between rough folk, ghostly country, homemade spiritual and cowboy rock n’ roll. "                    
                                                                                                                                               -Sound Tribe Films

"...homegrown family roots looking to travel the countries and share our rough folk / dark country / smokey acid blues / mississippi river slopgrass / western gypsy harmony music of ancient, star-crossed lovers and other such things . . ."                            
                                                                                          -The peOple